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Facebook Slots
February 6, 2016 – 05:24 pm
Facebook Casino Games

Slots have become globally popular in both online as well as land-based casinos. As the years pass, the gaming industry continually evolves and finds a way to meet the ever changing requirements of aficionados and connoisseurs alike. The results of technological advancements have been terrific in the development of the latest slots games.

Facebook Slot Apps – Changing the Face and Fate of Social Gaming

The social gaming industry has unfolded into a multi-million-dollar endeavour. There are now a multitude of companies offering popular casino games like poker, bingo and slots. Facebook’s radical approach, however, has seen the launch of several games in the past few months, mostly in the slots department, thus shaping the future for the social gaming realm. An increasing number of games manufacturers are now either making their games available on Facebook, or working on ways to do so as soon as they possibly can. For now, players can find a variety of applications where slots can be enjoyed absolutely free of cost.

Facebook’s crop of online slots games is quite large. There are now hundreds of them, offering players a substantial amount of options for entertainment. As a result, there are millions of players each month, and the numbers keep rising even as you continue to read this review. Taking a cue from Facebook’s success, many social gaming firms are introducing their own products to the market.

Even with the growing number of companies designing slots games to attract players, Facebook continues to thrive in a highly competitive environment. The reason for its success is simple. The company releases some of the most spectacular and addictive online slots. Also, the company is primarily a social hangout with an added option of free entertainment that most users find irresistible.

Compatibility of Facebook Slots with Mobile Devices

Players with Facebook accounts can engage in social games presented by the company directly on their Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows 7 tablets or mobile phones. Since mobile devices have become a common feature in daily life, mobile gaming certainly seems a lot like the future of the gaming industry. In fact, the recent technological uptrends have significantly affected the business of traditional land-based casinos. However, Facebook slots are developed for the sole purpose of entertainment. Players will not be able to play real money slots since all Facebook games are free play only (with the exception that you can purchase credits for extended play).

The Top Five Slots Games on Facebook

The following are five of the most popular and commercially successful slots on Facebook. Each of them features stunning sound effects and fantastic graphics in addition to tempting free gifts and bonus features.

Slots Farm - Although social gaming continues to undergo changes in its scope, causal entertainment remains a constant cornerstone. Slots Farm comes with 20 lines and a farm theme where players are guaranteed rewards when the crops they grow have matured. Additional items such as eggs, which hatch after a few days, can also be earned as players are treated to a charming and fun presentation. The catchy sound effects and graphics are certain to keep you hooked.

myVEGAS Slots - myVEGAS Slots has over 500, 000 players on Facebook, with a steadily rising count as it is the social website’s only casino application that offers players an opportunity to win meals, rooms as well as show tickets in Sin City. Although players cannot claim cash prizes, the chance to visit Vegas for free is certainly attractive enough for players to give it a shot. The graphics may not be the most enthralling, but some fine slot action makes up for it. The game revolves around the Arthurian legend and delivers a truly engaging experience.

Source: www.vegasslotsonline.com
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