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MiniTycoon Casino on the App Store
November 20, 2015 – 08:04 am

Do you want to be Las Vegas billionaire? Run a 5-star casino, enjoy the lifestyles of the rich and famous. MiniTycoon Casino is here!

MiniTycoon Casino is your chance to build a casino empire! Work your way up from a small town casino to a Trump-style Las Vegas-sized casino. Buy all your favorite machines - slots, poker tables, etc. – and hire your friends as dealers!

Compete with your friends to see who the wealthiest MiniTycoon mogul is, or help them out by hiring them. Send your friends gifts! Purchase games and decorations for your casino and increase your star rating – this brings in more patrons and allows you to unlock bigger and better items! Start your Empire today!

•Install your favorite casino games in your casino to collect chips. You want blackjack tables, slot machines, craps tables? You got ‘em and many more!
•Decorate and bling out your casino with decorative items to boost your earning potential and star rating. Plus, they’ll make your casino look great!
•Have something to do while you wait to collect your chips! Maintain your casino to make sure everything is clean and working, because no one likes a grimy casino.
•Over a dozen cute and unique gamblers to entertain. As your gamblers are spending and tipping, be sure to compensate them. Sad gamblers will leave and you won’t get any tips.
•You’re the boss now, so go out and hire your friends to work as dealers in your casino. Especially the ones that are currently “fun-employed”, you know who they are…
•Visit your friends’ casinos to earn energy, send gifts, send messages, and for a chance to win big!
•Get notifications when your game fixtures are ready to be collected. Just be sure to enable Push Notifications in your device settings. No need to carry around a kitchen timer!
•See how you stack up with other wealthy MiniTycoon moguls with support for Apple’s GameCenter!
•Take advantage of our SiGN social network, so that you can easily find your friends in your phonebook, Facebook and Twitter.
•With a SiGN account you have the option to post your achievements to Facebook or Twitter, so go ahead and brag to your friends!
•Retina display support, booyah!

•For Users who would like to sync their iPad and iPhone Account, please register for SiGN. Once you have registered your inventory and progress will be saved on our servers. As long as you use the same SiGN login in both devices your account will be synced. **Warning, please don't run them at the same time, some information maybe lost or corrupted.

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