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April 28, 2016 – 04:30 pm
Caesars Casino Online Game

Total Rewards members will be able to transfer their online Tier Credits & online Reward Credits® earned at to their Total Rewards account.

How do I earn Tier Credits & Reward Credits online?
  • On, Tier Credits and online Reward Credits are awarded based on game type and amount wagered:
Game Type 1 Tier Credit & 1 Online Reward Credit for every:
All Slots $10 wagered
All Other Games $100 wagered
How do I view my online rewards?
  • Players will receive a monthly email with their current online Tier Credit and online Reward Credit earnings.
How will the Tier Credits I earn online get into my Total Rewards account? How do I use the Reward Credits I earn online? Please note, all Reward Credits on your Total Rewards account expire within six months unless one of the following activities occur:
  • Earn a minimum of one (1) Reward Credit at a Total Rewards property
  • Transfer a minimum of one thousand (1, 000) Online Reward Credits from your account to your Total Rewards account
  • Use your Total Rewards® Visa® credit card to earn Reward Credits. To learn how to earn, please visit:

How Does Total Rewards Work?

The more you play and enjoy all the great entertainment options offered by Total Rewards, the more rewards you earn and the more benefits you will unlock. Total Rewards members earn two types of credits based on both their casino play and entertainment activities: Tier Credits and Reward Credits®.

What are Tier Credits?

Every time you earn a Tier Credit it is added to your annual Tier Score, which determines your Tier Status. Tier Credits are earned during a calendar year (January 1 - December 31). There are 4 levels of status, but no matter what tier you hold, Total Rewards offers its members more! More excitement. More fun. More choices. All while enjoying the experiences you love.
Tier Status Level Tier Credits Required
GOLD 0 Tier Credits
PLATINUM 5, 000 Tier Credits
DIAMOND 15, 000 Tier Credits
SEVEN STARS® 150, 000 Tier Credits (to become eligible)

What are Reward Credits?

Reward Credits earned online can be transferred to your Total Rewards account and redeemed for casino play, hotel stays, dining, entertainment, and many other experiences like shopping, golf and more at any Total Rewards destination!

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