Casino games for xbox 360

High Rollers Casino
November 8, 2015 – 05:48 pm
Four Player Split Screen - 960

From Bethesda Softworks comes HIGH ROLLERS CASINO for the XBox, a game featuring nearly every game available in a real casino, including blackjack, poker, slots, and craps. Players create their own customized gambler, including selecting clothes, accessories, facial expression, and hair and eye colors, before entering the casino and anteing up. While players can wander the fully 3-D casino and play any game they wish, they can also participate in tournaments. The goal of most of the six-player tournaments is to amass $250, 000 and win the title of High Roller. Tournaments are done a little differently in HIGH ROLLERS CASINO than in most games, however. Each player gets $1, 000 in chips to begin with. After a number of hands (such as 30 in a blackjack tournament), the player with the most chips wins and gets the money. For players who have never set foot inside a casino before, the game offers tutorials for each variation of game available. Gamblers who miss the variety and excitement of Las Vegas can recapture all of their casino memories with HIGH ROLLERS CASINO and not lose their shirts while doing it. Newcomers who want an introduction to casino games or want to practice will likewise enjoy the game.

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