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August 22, 2015 – 02:40 pm
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Take a seat at one of our online tables and get ready for the most authentic spinning adventure, playing roulette. This casino classic is popular among high-rollers and beginners alike and features fast play and brilliant graphics. Our selection consists of many great variations including the famous European Roulette, American Roulette, Roulette Pro and an exciting 3D variation. You can really take your skills to the next level, just pick your numbers and place your bets. Whatever your favorite roulette variation, you are bound to have fantastic time playing and winning!

Roulette Rules

Roulette is a very simple game to play as the concept behind it is very simple to grasp and there are many different ways for players to win loads of money. To win the really big bucks it is important that players understand exactly what the rules of the game are and how to exploit them. On the most basic level the rules are that players have to place their cash on the number bets or the outside bets in the required stake levels and simply watch as the money rolls in.

Roulette in Depth

The reason that player’s line up to place wagers on the spinning Roulette wheel is due to a mixture of excitement and cash that can be won from playing. On the classic Roulette wheel there are 37 numbers ranging from 0-36 inclusive. A player placing a dollar on a winning number will be rewarded with $35 back. Some Roulette wheels have a double zero which changes the odds slightly but overall the idea is the same, players simply place chips on the number of their choice and watch the wheel spin and the ball land on it. Players have the option to place money on many combinations of numbers in exchange for different winning odds.

Outside Bets

Betting on the numbers provides the highest payment odds but the outside bets give the best chance of winning and add an extra element of fun. The classic bet associated with Roulette is the bet on red or black. Each number, apart from zero, is coloured either black or red. Betting on the colour of the number that will come up next means that players have a 1/2 chance of winning and doubling their money. There are several bets for players to make that pay out at the same odds and there are others that pay out at 2/1, these bets are called outside bets and they allow players to make a bet that has better winning odds than the numbers, though the trade off is the smaller winning payment.


There is nothing like the thrills to be had playing this classic table game. No casino would be complete without roulette tables with their spinning wheels and vibrant crowd full of players winning money. The Roulette tables at Casino Las Vegas have all of the action ready for players, their easy to use operating system and fantastic graphics mean that their Roulette is the best in the business for players of all stake levels.

Roulette History

The first important development in roulette history can be traced to 17th century France, when in 1655, mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the roulette wheel. Now this is a significant event in roulette history obviously, since the roulette wheel is the device around which the game revolves…no pun intended! But what is interesting is that Pascal–who is of course, one of the most respected mathematical figures in history–actually invented the roulette wheel in a bid to come up with a perpetual motion machine.

His machine never did actually see the light of day, but don’t feel too sorry for him; Pascal’s Triangle is still standard math instruction in classrooms all over the world, and he even had a computer language named after him. And of course, he will forever be known in roulette history as the inventor of the wheel without which the game would not have come into being.

Roulette’s Notable Changes

It is also interesting to note that there were almost no changes to the roulette game made throughout the first two hundred years of roulette history. In any case, 1842 brought about a significant modification to the game, with the addition of a "0" slot to the wheel. The innovation of Francois and Louis Blanc, this brought the total number of slots to 37 (numbered 0 to 36), and effectively increased the game’s house advantage.

The spread and subsequent popularity of the game across Europe is one of the more surprising aspects of roulette history, since gambling was actually illegal all over France. Nevertheless, the allure of the game proved too much to contain, and it wasn’t long before the first casinos were established in Monte Carlo. It was there that the game was dubbed the “King of Casino Games.” This is the one defining moment in roulette history when the game truly came into its own.

Another important chapter in roulette history was written when the game made its way to the United States via the French immigrants who braved the Atlantic Ocean. It was there that the "00" was added to the wheel (which is sometimes replaced with an American Eagle), further cementing American roulette into roulette’s history.

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