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Wheel of Fortune Slots - Free Play & Real Money Casino Slots Online
January 13, 2016 – 11:52 am
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As you would expect, the Wheel of Fortune game includes plenty of classic features of the hit TV program. The main feature is, of course, the spinning wheel and this feature is common to just about all of the versions you may see in the Vegas casinos.

3 Reel Wheel of Fortune.

Out of all the different versions of Wheel of Fortune, there can be no debate that it is the classic 3-reel game that is most cherished. Still, after all these years and so many 5-reel versions, nothing matches the classic 3 reel game.

Even though the 3 reel game is the most popular, there are actually lots of different versions within this category. You will see a lot of different 25 cent and dollar versions in the Las Vegas casinos.

The thing to look out for is the number of credits you need to play to trigger the bonus reel and also how many you must play to stand a chance of winning the jackpot. There really is no point in playing Wheel of Fortune slots for real money if you can't play the wheel game or hit the jackpot.

Because of this, my favorite version is the 25 cent 3 line game. This gives a max bet of 75 cents per spin, which is not too bad, yet you still get to play the wheel and also hit the jackpot (which is often around $75k, so not too shabby.

At the same time, this 3 line game is very exciting still even if your first two reels come in to give you nothing. That is because you only need to hit the 'spin' symbol on reel three to trigger the bonus round, so the suspense and tension survives even if you are not going to get a regular win - you can still hit the spin prize.

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If you like Wheel of Fortune, there are probably loads of other games you would probably like too. How about the brilliant Cleopatra Slots and Wolf Run Slots, with their great free spin bonus rounds. Or perhaps, the superb Wizard of Oz Slots, featuring all the characters from the hot movie and also a vibrating chair.

New Wheel of Fortune Slots

Wheel of Fortune is constantly being developed and new games with new designs and game-play are released every year. The major recent arrival was the huge 8 player machines, where players all sit at the same unit, each with their own screens. This is the multiplayer version is similar to the new big monopoly slots games you find in Vegas where more than one player can partake in the bonus round at the same time:

Wheel of Fortune multiplayer edition

In the multiplayer game, when one player hits the bonus round, all players are included in that bonus. That said, to be involved in this, you need to be playing enough cash per spin and that comes at a cost.

As of yet, we haven't found any multiplayer online slot machines, although they are likely to appear at some stage, as the technology improves and Vegas Casinos come online. One day, one day...

Without doubt, this is the modern legend of the casino slot. It has been one of the most popular casino slots for a long long time and it may well still be the most popular slot machine in Vegas today. When you are in a casino, whether it’s Vegas, Atlantic City or somewhere else, you can’t help but hear the famous “Wheeeeeel of Forrrtuuuuune!!!” chant coming from a machine somewhere and know that someone lucky has hit on the bonus round

Wheel of Fortune Pokies

Just like in the US, UK and Canada, Wheel of Fortune is also a classic in New Zealand and Australia. It is one of the most famous pokies around. The games are just the same in Australia as they are in Vegas.

If you would like to play Wheel of Fortune pokies online, then please see our pokies casinos page - there you will find the best casinos to play pokies. If you can't find wheel of fortune, then you will find a very similar game. We make sure that all of the casinos we recommend have a version of the game.

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