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September 15, 2015 – 09:13 am
Slots™ - Pharaoh s Journey

Love this game! I played this game 5 times over! Very challenging! Waiting for Casino chaos 2! December 4, 2011

Very Fun! I found this game similar to the real thing when it comes to addiction. I kept wanting to play! It was fairly easy though. I played it 2 times in a row. Loved it! February 11, 2012

I'm Obsessed I played the demo and I wasn't too far in to know this was for me. I could spend hours playing this game if I am not careful. Not too much thought to it, just put people where they want to go. Nice game to play when you had a rough day at work and need to veg out! Watch the upgrades and make sure you have enough dealers for the amount of tables you have for that level. April 1, 2013

Give it a chance This game doesn't have the greatest graphics, but oddly I did enjoy the game. It does get repetitive and as you progress through the different casinos, you'll have to start over w/ re-buying upgrades. There's enough going on in the game that will keep you busy. Downside to the challenge of some levels: luck. Sometimes you just have to re-play a level to get expert, and this can be attributed to getting different customers w/ different preferences. It seems there are more negatives than positives w/ the game but for some reason, I enjoyed playing it, 2x already. I wouldn't recommend this game at full price, but as DD or on sale. Definitely try the demo first - this is one of those games that you'll either love or hate. September 23, 2015

hard to use the game was worth trying out, but not worth buying, its kind of fun, but theres a lot of waiting, and its very hard to use, if you dont put the person in the EXACT place for them to go to a game, or the cash out area it sends them back to where they were and finding that exact spot is very hard because its such a small area, so you cant move people around as fast as you need to, to tend to the other customers in time to keep them happy, definatly try before you buy May 19, 2012

Repetitive & Boring According to some of the reviews of this game .. I thought it was going to be fun. But it was just boring and monotonous. August 31, 2015

Flo's Diner in a Casino setting I was very disappointed in this game. I don't remember now what I was expecting from the description, but what this is is one of those games where you have to click on the "customer", seat him or her at the appropriate casino game, wait for them to want something, and rinse and repeat. No skill is involved (or thought) beyond basic mouse skills. January 26, 2012

Please Someone Make A Better Version of This!!! Oh, how I wanted to like this game. I desperately wanted to find a casino building/management game for PC & Mac. I tried this out with high expectations. Turns out, I wouldve been disappointed had I had low expectations. 1. Dragging the customers around, specifically to the cashier, was very user-unfriendly & did not work about 75% of the time. 2. The sounds & graphics are poor. About a 4/10 3. No real goals & no interesting incentives or reason to play 4. Lacking in purchasable upgrades 5. Not much variety in anything This game is so bad. And as I mentioned, I'm sorely disappointed. As everyone in the Big Fish forum for the game has been posting, we all wanted a game like this for a long time but Casino Chaos does NOT do the job & thats such a shame. Many of us would give anything for it to have been just mediocre. July 13, 2014

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